Inbox Pounds, Get Paid to do Survey, Tasks and Watch Videos



I have been doing little Tasks on Inbox Pounds for a while now and have been paid out twice. You need to hit £20 before you can redeem and there alot of ways to hit this. You will get emails everyday to open and view and you will get paid to view these. On the site you can watch videos and get paid 1p to do so. There are offers available to do and you can get to sign up to other survey sites and get paid to do all this. You can play Bingo on the site and get paid to do this as well! All in all the site is fun and there is plenty to do inorder to build up your ‘bank’ and to cash out that £20. The more you do the more you get into the gold status and you will recieve more tasks and surveys in order for you to cash out quicker. I do like this site.


Click here to join up today for FREE!

Inbox Pounds is for UK users but there is also an Inbox Dollars for the USA


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